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Friday 30 Nov 2007

Senator Patrick Leahy [D-VT, chairman, US Senate Judiciary Committee]: "The protest by Pakistan's lawyers was an iconic moment about the importance of the rule of law, and the whole world was watching. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee I see every day the importance of an independent judiciary in [read more]

Friday 30 Nov 2007

Joshua Rosenzweig [Manager, Research & Programs, The Dui Hua Foundation]: "The recently-published statistics for 2006 on political arrests in China are especially troubling, as they indicate the reversal of a three-year trend from 2003 to 2005 in which such arrests declined substantially. It is not entirely obvious why political arrests [read more]

Wednesday 28 Nov 2007

Farzana Hassan [President, Muslim Canadian Congress]: "While staunch affirmation of human rights remains the mantra of the day, the world continues to witness violations both great and small of this noble human ideal. Recently, a Canadian Muslim woman also felt her human rights violated and took her grievance to the [read more]

Tuesday 27 Nov 2007

Peter Weiss [Vice President, Center for Constitutional Rights] and Jeanne Sulzer [lawyer, FIDH Legal Action Group]: "On October 26, while Donald Rumsfeld was attending a conference in Paris, a war crimes complaint based on his authorization for and encouragement of torture was filed against him by FIDH (Paris), the Center [read more]

Tuesday 27 Nov 2007

Anonymous [advocate, Lahore High Court]: "The Lahore High Court on 27 Nov appears to have returned to normalcy; many people, many cars, many lawyers in their robes. Interestingly, resolutions have been passed by different legal forums including the LHC Bar Association validating a boycott of the new breed of judges, [read more]

Saturday 24 Nov 2007

John Lott [Senior Research Scientist at the University of Maryland and author of Freedomnomics]: "The District of Columbia's request for cert made a simple argument: Whatever one thinks of the Second Amendment, banning handguns is a "reasonable regulation" to protect public safety. Indeed, most of the city's brief focused on [read more]

Monday 19 Nov 2007

Anonymous [advocate, Lahore High Court, Pakistan]: "I went to the Lahore High Court (LHC) this morning; it was as deserted as before. The President of the High Court Bar Association under detention has been released last night. He was detained under the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance rather than a [read more]

Sunday 18 Nov 2007

Richard C. Dieter [Executive Director, Death Penalty Information Center]: "The overwhelming approval of the resolution for a global moratorium on executions by the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly is an important milestone in the growing international effort to restrict and eventually eliminate capital punishment. Although the resolution [read more]

Thursday 15 Nov 2007

Asim Qureshi [Researcher in International Law, Cageprisoners]: "Travelling through the world researching into abuses of human rights in the 'War on Terror', a familiar pattern begins to emerge; values and the safeguards of democracy are being stripped away in the name of international peace and security. Many governments have acquiesced [read more]

Thursday 15 Nov 2007

Malcolm Nance [Director, Special Readiness Services International]: "In my testimony last week to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Torture, I attempted to clarify exactly what is involved in waterboarding. Simply put, waterboarding, when used in any capacity in a coercive environment against detainees, captives or hostages, with the intent to [read more]

Wednesday 14 Nov 2007

Charles Stimson [Senior Legal Fellow, The Heritage Foundation]: "Experience. Judgment. Temperament. Legal philosophy. Those are the requirements, at a minimum, for a qualified candidate for Attorney General of the United States. Judge Mukasey has demonstrated those qualities, and more, over the last 35 years of his distinguished career. One has [read more]

Wednesday 14 Nov 2007

Kenneth S. Kagan [attorney for US Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada]: "In February, 2007, 1LT Ehren Watada was tried by a court-martial for his refusal to deploy to Iraq, and for statements he made on four separate occasions in various media explaining his rationale for his intention to refuse to [read more]

Tuesday 13 Nov 2007

Anonymous [advocate, Lahore High Court, Lahore, Pakistan]: "This evening I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting with four very important judges of the Lahore High Court who refused to take oaths under the Provisional Constitutional Order promulgated by the Chief of the Army Staff on the evening of the [read more]

Tuesday 13 Nov 2007

Anonymous [advocate, Lahore High Court, Pakistan]: "The legal fraternity in Pakistan so far is absent from the long march or other protests earlier planned by Mrs. Benazir Bhutto. There are a number of reasons why this is so.Firstly, a Bar Association is a registered body duly registered under the relevant [read more]

Tuesday 13 Nov 2007

Giovanni Di Stefano [lawyer for Ali Hassan al-Majid, dubbed "Chemical Ali", Studio Legale Internazionale, Rome] applauds the US refusal to transfer al-Majid and his co-defendants to Iraqi custody for execution until a Iraqi legal debate on the executions is resolved.Di Stefano adds this official statement from the al-Majid defense team: [read more]

Monday 12 Nov 2007

Anonymous [advocate, Lahore High Court, Pakistan]: "Today, I went to Lahore High Court at around 12 noon. It was all deserted. Hardly any lawyers seen there. Many plain clothed policemen and other military agents were roaming around. I could not get pictures under apprehension of loosing my Motorola, but I [read more]

Friday 9 Nov 2007

Frank V. Zerunyan, Esq. [Chairman, Board of Governors of the Armenian Bar Association; Mayor Pro Tem, City of Rolling Hills Estates]: "The People's House of the United States of America must follow its tradition and uphold the truth above all else. The speaker of the House of Representatives must bring [read more]

Wednesday 7 Nov 2007

Awzar Thi [Member, Asian Human Rights Commission, Hong Kong]: "The renewal of protests in Burma during recent days should come as no surprise to anyone other than those persons who have written foolish articles making out that what happened in September was somehow not the doing of the people there [read more]

Monday 5 Nov 2007

A Pakistani law student from the Lahore University of Management Sciences describes the clash between lawyers and riot police at the Lahore High Court Monday: "Today, November 5th, the lawyers of Pakistan were to boycott the courts and protest at the promulgation of emergency and the issuance of the Provisional [read more]

Saturday 3 Nov 2007

Basil Nabi Malik [third-year law student, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore, Pakistan]: "An 8 member bench of the Supreme Court has held as illegal and unconstitutional the Proclamation of Emergency and the Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) issued today by the Chief of Army Staff. The Supreme Court restrained [read more]

Friday 2 Nov 2007

Maureen Aung-Thwin [Director, Burma Project/Southeast Asia Initiative, Open Society Institute]: "The Burmese military junta crossed a line when they killed the monks. When thousands of maroon-robed monks led peaceful protests across Burma against the 500% overnight increase in fuel prices, there was hope that the military would respond with restraint. [read more]

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