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Sunday 29 Apr 2007

Ali Khan [Washburn University School of Law]: "A revolution is brewing in Turkey. Turkish generals do not believe that Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul is sufficiently secular to become the next President of the Turkish Republic. The un-amendable provisions of the national Constitution require that Turkey forever remain secular. Impassioned secular [read more]

Friday 27 Apr 2007

Giovanni Di Stefano [former defense lawyer for Saddam Hussein; Studio Legale Internazionale, Rome]: "On the 17th March 2007 I wrote to the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, seeking leave to prosecute in the criminal courts in accordance with the Geneva Conventions Act 1957 Judge Raouf Abdel Rahman, the judge that sentenced [read more]

Friday 27 Apr 2007

Ben Davis [University of Toledo College of Law]: "Taking together the report of the Justice Department filing to reduce access of lawyers to GITMO detainee clients, the medical establishment's approach to those detainees, and snippets of George Tenet's interview on 60 Minutes about his new book, one can see that [read more]

Thursday 19 Apr 2007

David Nicholl [neurologist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK; British human and medical rights activist]: "The legal black-hole of Guantanamo is well recognised, however it is less well realised how the ongoing breaches of medical ethics in Guantanamo are damaging the normally high standards of US medicine. In June 2006, [read more]

Saturday 14 Apr 2007

Alan Gura [attorney, Gura & Possessky, PLLC, lead counsel for plaintiffs in Parker v. District of Columbia]: "Fear and disinformation have long been the hallmarks of the movement to end private gun ownership. Not surprisingly, the D.C. Circuit's decision in Parker v. District of Columbia, confirming that people have an [read more]

Friday 6 Apr 2007

Steve Komadina [New Mexico State Senator; sponsor of New Mexico bill SB-1174]: "I think the bill was good in that it mandated the Health Dept. to develop educational material to send home to parents informing them about the vaccine and the virus. Parents could then make an informed decision as [read more]

Thursday 5 Apr 2007

Ali Khan [Washburn University School of Law]: "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is moving on the right path in exploring the possibilities of negotiated solutions to the problems that threaten the peace of the Middle East. Her bold initiative to meet with two Muslim rulers, the Syrian President and the Saudi [read more]

Tuesday 3 Apr 2007

Shane Kadidal [Managing Attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights Guantanamo Global Justice Initiative]: "On April 2, 2007, the US Supreme Court denied cert in our appeal of the D.C. Circuit's decision denying federal court jurisdiction over habeas corpus petitions of Guantánamo detainees. Justices Breyer, Souter, and Ginsburg dissented, with the first [read more]

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