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Wednesday 28 Feb 2007

Ali Khan [Washburn University School of Law]: "Making a sensible reversal, the Bush Administration has decided to negotiate with Syria and Iran, the two Muslim nations of the so-called Axis of Evil. (The US is already talking to North Korea, the third nation of the Axis).This policy reversal is in [read more]

Monday 26 Feb 2007

His Excellency Nabi Sensoy, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey [Turkish Embassy, Washington DC]: "House Resolution 106 on Armenian genocide allegations was introduced by five Representatives on January 30, 2007 at the 110th Congress 1st Session. The phrasing of the resolution implies acceptance, as an established fact, of the existence [read more]

Monday 26 Feb 2007

Gonzalo Vargas Llosa [Senior Policy Adviser, Advocacy & Communications, UNHCR office in New York]: "I think that there are three important points to underline [regarding the increasing number of Iraqi refugees].First of all, the enormity of the problem of displacement of Iraqis: today, close to two million uprooted within Iraq [read more]

Monday 26 Feb 2007

James Jay Carafano [Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation]: "The United States military has in its custody a number of enemy combatants at the detention facility Guantanamo Bay. Detainees that are a threat to the United States and its friends and allies should be kept off the battlefield as long as [read more]

Friday 23 Feb 2007

Lynne Kates [attorney, Guantanamo Global Justice Initiative, Center for Constitutional Rights]: "In their decision in Al Odah/Boumediene on Tuesday, the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit produced a heavily formalist decision upholding the Military Commissions Act of 2006 and declaring the Guantanamo detainees' petitions for habeas corpus outside the [read more]

Thursday 22 Feb 2007

Caroline Fredrickson [Director, ACLU Washington Legislative Office]: "When the 109th Congress passed the Military Commissions Act in September of last year there was a fear in the legal and human rights communities that this meant that detainees held in Guantanamo Bay and other facilities would be stripped of their due [read more]

Wednesday 21 Feb 2007

David Cynamon [partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP; Project Kuwaiti Freedom]: "I and the other attorneys working for justice in Guantanamo Bay are deeply disappointed in the US Court of Appeals' decision to deny our clients the basic right to challenge their detentions in the US court system. We intend [read more]

Tuesday 20 Feb 2007

Jonathan Werve [Director of Operations, Global Integrity]: "Global Integrity, an independent nonprofit group tracking corruption and governance trends worldwide, has followed with interest the recent appeal to eject allegedly corrupt Nigerian MPs from party lists. Our experience shows that political leadership in the legislature is key to improving all areas [read more]

Monday 19 Feb 2007

Giovanni Di Stefano [defense lawyer for Taha Ramadan; Studio Legale Internazionale, Rome]: "If this [sworn statement by ex-Saddam VP Ramadan alleging torture by US personnel] is the manner in which my clients have been treated and indicative of how the US/UK security services conduct their interrogations then it is no [read more]

Sunday 18 Feb 2007

Thomas Nash [Cluster Munition Coalition Coordinator]: "Efforts to ban or restrict the use of cluster munitions are ongoing in dozens of countries around the world and have been spreading in response to growing awareness of the humanitarian problem and increased pressure from civil society. Most prominently Belgium banned the weapon [read more]

Thursday 15 Feb 2007

Rep. Gail Chasey [New Mexico House of Representatives]: "I am delighted and encouraged, although not surprised, that the New Mexico House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal the death penalty by 41-28 votes on Monday, February 12. This is now the second time in four years that the House [read more]

Wednesday 14 Feb 2007

Neely Burks [Communications Coordinator, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce]: "On Monday, Feb. 12, Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell vetoed the "English first" bill, saying "this is not who we are." The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce applauds Mayor Purcell's decision to reaffirm Nashville as a welcoming and inclusive city that celebrates [read more]

Wednesday 14 Feb 2007

Bec Hamilton [representing the Genocide Intervention Network]: "In April 2006, the UN General Assembly established the Human Rights Council to replace the much beleaguered Commission on Human Rights. In December 2006, the 47-member Council held a special session to discuss the situation in Darfur. Its decision to send an independent [read more]

Tuesday 13 Feb 2007

Aziz Huq [attorney for Shawqi Omar; Brennan Center For Justice]: "When does the Bush Administration love international law?For those who have followed the Administration's seemingly implacable hostility to the International Criminal Court and the Kyoto Protocol, the answer has seemed to be "never." But when it comes to its quest [read more]

Monday 12 Feb 2007

Giovanni Di Stefano [defense lawyer for Taha Ramadan; Studio Legale Internazionale, Rome]: "The decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit in the recent case of Shawqi Omar confirms the submissions we made in the cases of Saddam Hussein, Barzan Al Tikriti and Awwad Al Bandar; [read more]

Friday 9 Feb 2007

A. Gregory Ramos [North, Pursell, Ramos & Jameson PLC; Nashville For All]: "On February 6 in Nashville, TN, the Metropolitan Council, the legislative body for Nashville and Davidson County, TN ("Metro Council"), passed a controversial and much debated English language ordinance. The announced purpose of this ordinance, according to its [read more]

Thursday 8 Feb 2007

Robert Amsterdam [international defense counsel for Mikhail Khodorkovsky]: "The new proceedings against Mr Khodorkovsky are a miscarriage of justice in the context of a system of total injustice. There is nowhere in Russia that this defendant can have a fair trial, because those who have the power to control the [read more]

Tuesday 6 Feb 2007

Emi MacLean [attorney, Guantanamo Global Justice Initiative, Center for Constitutional Rights]: "On Friday, the Department of Defense announced charges against three detainees in Guantánamo - Omar Khadr, Salim Hamdan, and David Hicks. These three men promise to be test cases. Their proposed commission hearings will force an examination of the [read more]

Saturday 3 Feb 2007

Jonathan Hafetz [attorney for Ali al-Marri and Litigation Director,Brennan Center Liberty & National Security Project]: "The al-Marri case raises critical issues in defining the limits of executive detention power. The government not claims the right to indefinitely detain without charge individuals arrested the United States but also asserts that non-citizens [read more]

Thursday 1 Feb 2007

Liliana Segura [Campaign to End the Death Penalty]: "The Campaign to End the Death Penalty applauds the decision of the North Carolina Medical Board to refuse physician participation in executions, leading Judge Donald Stephens to halt executions in the state. The North Carolina doctors are just the latest in a [read more]

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