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Saturday 30 Sep 2006

Jamie McKenzie [Nochildleft.com]: "The rulings by Judge Kravitz on the case against Secretary Spellings touched not on the substance of the complaints, but largely on matters of jurisdiction, judicial ripeness and timing, as he argued in the first three counts that the dispute between Connecticut and the Secretary needed to [read more]

Thursday 28 Sep 2006

Brian J. Foley [Florida Coastal School of Law]: "This week's legislation limiting the rights of 'detainees' to challenge the Executive's exercise (and abuse) of power over them also strips Americans of our ability to oversee the Executive. When it's easy for the Executive to 'win' its cases against these prisoners, [read more]

Wednesday 27 Sep 2006

Michael Paranzino [President, Throw Away The Key]: "North Dakota should bring back the death penalty, and it's sad that it took the brutal murder of a young woman, Dru Sjodin, by a convicted sex offender, to wake up the state's lawmakers. A federal jury in North Dakota has sentenced her [read more]

Friday 22 Sep 2006

Ben Davis [University of Toledo College of Law]: "There's an old adage in the military that goes "different spanks for different ranks" (see James W. Smith III, "A Few Good Scapegoats: The Abu Ghraib Courts-Martial and the Failure of the Military Justice System", 27 Whittier Law Review 671, 677, 693 [read more]

Monday 18 Sep 2006

Ben Davis [University of Toledo College of Law]: "Back in 1994 when the US ratified the Convention Against Torture and Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment ("CAT") it included reservations, understanding, and declarations ("RUD's) as regards the prohibitions against cruel, inhuman and degrading ("CID") treatment. Those RUD's interpreted CID to mean [read more]

Sunday 17 Sep 2006

Ben Davis [University of Toledo College of Law]: "Alberto Gonzales has said that one of the reasons the Administration departed from the Geneva Conventions in early 2002 was to provide more "flexibility" to the President. This week, some of the ironies of the Military Commission Bills of the President and [read more]

Friday 15 Sep 2006

Ben Davis [University of Toledo College of Law]: "The President in his televised press conference today framed the discussion of the draft bill on Military Commissions in terms of whether Congress was going to permit "the Program" to go forward. He made it clear that Americans working in the intelligence [read more]

Thursday 14 Sep 2006

Ben Davis [University of Toledo College of Law]: "The rejection today by the Senate Armed Services Committee of the President's draft bill on detainees and the voting out of a draft supported by Senators Warner, McCain and Graham and Democrats, together with the opposition expressed by former Secretary of State [read more]

Monday 11 Sep 2006

Ali Khan [Washburn University School of Law]: "Five years later, the 9/11 tragedy is writ large. Unnecessary deaths litter the day, every day. Gratuitous barbarism shocks the conscience. The rhetoric of destruction intensifies. Individuals and nations committed to violence threaten international peace and security. The United Nations fails. The Security [read more]

Friday 8 Sep 2006

Michael J. Kelly [Creighton University School of Law]: "President Bush recently acknowledged the existence of the long-suspected C.I.A. detention facilities that the U.S. has used to interrogate and possibly torture high-value foreign members of al Qaeda captured abroad. This acknowledgement, even as the facilities are being shut down in the [read more]

Tuesday 5 Sep 2006

Andrew Wood [University of Pittsburgh School of Law 2L, in Cambodia]: "Cambodia's role in the Textile and Garment (T&G) industry has only recently developed into the nation's largest export industry. With Cambodia's first garment factories opened in 1994, the industry is relatively young, especially when compared to its neighbors such [read more]

Saturday 2 Sep 2006

Abigail Salisbury [University of Pittsburgh 3L, just returned from Kosovo]: "I went to spend my summer working in Prishtina, the capital city of Kosovo, because I thought that there I would gain some valuable experience which would be relevant to my work toward the International and Comparative Law Certificate. While [read more]

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