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Tuesday 29 Mar 2005

Peter Henning, Wayne State University Law School:"With all the turmoil swirling around American International Group Inc., I wonder whether the company will become the new poster-child for corporate misconduct. An insurance company is built on trust, that the money given to them today (the float, as Warren Buffett discusses ad [read more]

Tuesday 29 Mar 2005

Julian Ku, Hofstra University School of Law:"Having failed to motivate myself to get down to D.C. for oral argument in Medellin, and being too cheap to shell out the money for an instant transcript, I will have to content myself with reviewing the several very interesting press accounts of the [read more]

Sunday 27 Mar 2005

Richard Posner, University of Chicago Law School:"Congress is on the verge of passing and the President of signing a major overhaul of the Bankruptcy Code. (See Summary and Changes). The new bankruptcy law, popularly termed the "Bankruptcy Reform Act," has engendered passionate debate inside and outside Congress. The criticisms of [read more]

Tuesday 22 Mar 2005

Peter Henning, Wayne State University Law School:"An article in the Wall Street Journal...states that two senior American International Group Inc. executives -- Howard Smith, the company's CFO, and Christian Milton, a vice president -- have been fired because they indicated that they would assert their Fifth Amendment rights in response [read more]

Monday 21 Mar 2005

Peggy McGuiness, Missouri Columbia School of Law:"Kofi Annan is scheduled to announce in a talk to the General Assembly today that he will push for major reform at the UN, including replacing the HR Commission with a HR council, expanding membership of the Security Council from 15 to 24, making [read more]

Monday 21 Mar 2005

Stephen Bainbridge [UCLA Law School]:"Now that Congress has approved the legislation to give federal courts jurisdiction over the Terry Schiavo case, I am finding myself oddly unable to reach a definitive assessment of that action. As I see it, Congress' act implicates four first principles I hold dear: The culture [read more]

Sunday 20 Mar 2005

Larry Ribstein, University of Illinois College of Law:"Schiavo is about abortion, at least that much is obvious. Terri Schiavo is a "fetus" tethered by life-giving machines rather than to her mother. There's speculation about whether she shows signs of life. Portraying the "fetus" as an adult lying on a bed [read more]

Sunday 20 Mar 2005

Michael Froomkin, University of Miami School of Law:"So much one could say about the entire Schiavo mess; How can the GOP support this anti-federalist measure without any hint of shame? How can the same GOP that says federal power should be seen through he lens of a limited Commerce Clause [read more]

Thursday 3 Mar 2005

Ellen S. Podgor, Georgia State University College of Law:"With the upcoming release of Martha Stewart from prison, the press is writing of her experiences and future. The Wall Street Journal provides a view of her life in prison here, AP here, and there have been many a story on her [read more]

Wednesday 2 Mar 2005

Douglas Berman [Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University]:"When the Supreme Court declared in Atkins v. Virginia, 536 U.S. 304 (2002), that the Eighth Amendment prohibited the execution of mentally retarded offenders, the Court punted a number of tough administrative issues when it left to the states "the task of [read more]

Tuesday 1 Mar 2005

Stephen Bainbridge [UCLA Law School]:"I'm increasingly opposed to the death penalty on both pragmatic and moral grounds, but I nevertheless found much to agree with in Justice Antonin Scalia's scathing dissent from the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision striking down the death penalty for offenses committed by juveniles (text of opinion):In [read more]

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