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Friday 25 Feb 2005

Richard Posner, University of Chicago Law School:"I approach the issue of immigration reform (theoretical reform - neither Becker nor I are considering the political obstacles to radical changes in immigration law) somewhat differently. I begin by asking: why restrict immigration at all? The only answer I consider fully compatible with [read more]

Thursday 24 Feb 2005

Jack Balkin, Yale Law School:"Today, in Johnson v. California, the Supreme Court held that California's practice of segregating newly arrived prisoners by race for up to 60 days was subject to strict scrutiny. Justice O'Connor wrote the majority opinion. Justices Scalia and Thomas dissented, arguing that strict scrutiny shouldn't apply [read more]

Wednesday 16 Feb 2005

Jim Maule, Villanova Law School:"...[M]ost, if not all, of the discussion [about Social Security reform] presupposes continuation of the social security system, with changes in the way revenues are gathered to fund it. A few proposals discuss changing benefits, either in amount or by delaying the age at which a [read more]

Wednesday 16 Feb 2005

Kenneth Anderson, Washington College of Law, American University:I want to go back to something that everyone has already talked to death - the UN report from a week or two back concluding that although Darfur involves mass murder, it does not meet the legal definition of genocide.The reason why the [read more]

Wednesday 16 Feb 2005

Peter Friedman , Case Law School:"Robert Novak outed Valerie Plame as a CIA agent, and yet Matthew Cooper and Judith Miller have to go to jail because they won't disclose their sources for the information that Novak published? In his concurring opinion to the D.C. Circuit opinion affirming the trial [read more]

Friday 11 Feb 2005

Peter Friedman, Case Law School:"I'm disappointed in Diane Feinstein's and Barak Obama's support of the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, which the Senate approved yesterday (with House approval and presidential signature anticipated) and which provides that large multistate class action lawsuits like the ones that have been brought against [read more]

Sunday 6 Feb 2005

Richard Posner, University of Chicago Law School:"One of the commonest objections to President Bush's proposal for reform of social security is that there is no need to act now because there is no "crisis." Yet the same people who say this are wont to say that a weakness of government [read more]

Saturday 5 Feb 2005

Jack Balkin, Yale Law School:"In Hernandez v. Robles a New York State trial court judge held that the New York State constitution prohibited restricting marriage to opposite sex couples.The court held that prohibition on same sex couples violated the Due Process Clause and Equal Protection Clauses of the New York [read more]

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