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Nebraska lawmakers override veto to abolish death penalty
May 28, 2015
Nebraska on Wednesday became the first Republican-controlled state to repeal the death penalty since 1973. Governor Pete Ricketts vetoed the bill on Tuesday, but after a vote Wednesday afternoon, the state officially repealed capital punishment. A sentence of life without parole will replace the pr....... [more]

Nebraska lawmakers approve bill abolishing death penalty
May 21, 2015
Nebraska lawmakers voted 32-15 Wednesday to approve a bill abolishing the death penalty. Earlier in April Nebraska lawmakers voted 30-13 in favor of the legislation to repeal the death penalty and replace it with life imprisonment in first-degree murder cases. Governor Pete Ricketts, who supports c....... [more]

Egypt court sentences 30 Islamists to life imprisonment
May 19, 2015
An Egyptian court sentenced 30 members of the Muslim Brotherhood on Monday to life imprisonment on charges of violent behavior. The largest case concerned 17 out of the 30 defendants and included charges stemming from attempts made on the lives of protestors in Mansoura. Of the 17, 15 were charged i....... [more]

Egypt executes 6 men convicted of murdering soldiers
May 17, 2015
Egyptian authorities on Sunday executed six men convicted by a military court of killing two Egyptian soldiers. The men were convicted of killing the soldiers after an hour-long gunfight outside a bomb factory in Cairo. The men were also convicted of belonging to Sinai-based militant group Ansar Bei....... [more]

UN experts condemn increase in Iran executions
May 8, 2015
UN human rights experts on Friday condemned the growing number of executions in Iran in recent years. According to the Special Rapporteurs on the situation of human rights in Iran and on extrajudicial executions, Iran has executed about 350 people in 2015 and executed approximately six people per da....... [more]

Egypt court upholds death sentence for members of Muslim Brotherhood
May 4, 2015
An Egyptian court on Monday upheld death sentences for five members of the Muslim Brotherhood on charges of killing policemen in 2013. The charges include attempted murder, weapons possession and violence stemming from an incident known as the "Kerdasa massacre," when supporters of the former Egypti....... [more]

North Carolina lawmakers approve bill to resume executions
April 30, 2015
North Carolina lawmakers on Wednesday approved a measure aimed at resuming executions after nine years. The law removes the requirement to have a doctor present at all lethal injections and instead would allow nurses, physician's assistants or paramedics to oversee lethal injections in the state. No....... [more]

The Methods to the Madness: The Electric Chair, Lethal Injection and Now Nitrogen Gas
April 30, 2015
JURIST Guest Columnist John D. Bessler, of the University of Baltimore School of Law, discusses new changes in the evolution of capital punishment... Increasingly, US death penalty states are no longer content to have just one method of execution on the books. Instead, with a persistent shortage of....... [more]

Indonesia executes 8 convicted drug smugglers
April 28, 2015
Eight convicted drug smugglers were executed in Indonesia early Wednesday despite international criticism and pleas for clemency. Among those executed by firing squad were Australian nationals Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, part of the so-called "Bali Nine," who were arrested in 2005 for recruiti....... [more]

Indonesia Constitutional Court agrees to hear last minute appeal by condemned drug smugglers
April 27, 2015
The Indonesian Constitutional Court has agreed to hear a last minute appeal by two condemned drug smugglers known as the "Bali Nine Pair". The pair's legal representative said Monday that the court has agreed to hear the appeal. The pair had been due to face death by firing squad Wednesday after be....... [more]

Indonesia to carry out executions of drug smugglers
April 26, 2015
Indonesia notified nine convicted of drug traffickers--four Nigerian men, two Australian men, a Filipino woman, and one man each from Brazil, France and Indonesia--that their executions will be carried out within 72 hours. The executions will be carried out by firing squad in Besi prison on Nusakamb....... [more]


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