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Iraq parliament passed bill allowing reinstatement of ex-Baath members
January 12, 2012
On January 12, 2008, the Iraqi parliament approved a bill allowing members of Saddam Hussein's now-defunct Baath Party not charged with crimes to be reinstated to public life. The Iraqi De-Baathification Commission had forced the removal of almost 30,000 members of the party from public office. The....... [more]

DC Circuit affirms dismissal of Chalabi lawsuit against Jordan
October 24, 2008
The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit on Friday upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit brought against the Kingdom of Jordan by Ahmad Chalabi, who led the US-backed Iraqi opposition movement during the regime of Saddam Hussein. The court affirmed a 2004 decision by the US District Court for the Dis....... [more]

Leading Shiite cleric rejects Iraqi draft law reinstating Baath party members
April 2, 2007
Iraqi Shiite religious leader Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani Sunday rejected a proposed law which would return former Baath party members to their previously held government positions, according to Ahmed Chalabi, head of the Supreme National Commission for de-Baathification. The draft law, which was i....... [more]

Saddam lawyers threaten to boycott trial
October 23, 2005
Lawyers for Saddam Hussein and his co-defendants announced Saturday that they would boycott their trial unless the court was moved outside of Iraq for their own safety. The statement comes after Saadoun Sughaiyer al-Janabi, a defense lawyer accused Saddam chief judge Awad Hamed al-Bandar, was kidnap....... [more]

Iraq anti-Baathist commission wants former minister arrested for corruption
September 19, 2005
A Iraqi government committee Monday lodged an official request to strip former defense minister Hazem Shaalan of immunity so that he can face charges of corruption and working for Saddam Hussein's intelligence service. The request was made by the Supreme National Commission for de-Baathification....... [more]

Iraq president praises Iraqi Special Tribunal, vows to protect staff from purges
July 29, 2005
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Thursday praised the Iraqi Special Tribunal, a court created to try Saddam Hussein and his allies, and vowed to protect members from purges because of their earlier roles in the Baath party. Talabani made the promise during a meeting with one of the Tribunal's....... [more]

Chalabi purging Baathists from Saddam tribunal in run-up to trial
July 20, 2005
Nine senior staff members of the Iraqi Special Tribunal, each former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party, were dismissed on Tuesday, apparently at the instance of Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and former Iraqi exile leader and Pentagon favorite Ahmad Chalabi, currently in charge of the Iraq....... [more]

Saddam lawyers file US writ to move trial outside Iraq
July 3, 2005
A committee of lawyers created for Saddam Hussein's defense team has filed a writ of habeas corpus in the US requesting that he be taken out of Iraq for his upcoming trial, a move anticipated as far back as December. The committee, led by Ziad al-Khasawneh, argues that a proceeding before the....... [more]

Chalabi: Saddam trial to start within 90 days
June 23, 2005
Iraqi deputy prime minister Ahmad Chalabi said on Thursday that the trial of Saddam Hussein will begin within 90 days, before the end of September 2005. The government had previously stated that they wanted the trial to begin before the constitutional referendum scheduled for October 15. On Tuesday....... [more]

Iraq asks Jordan for Chalabi pardon
May 12, 2005
Jordan's King Abdullah announced Thursday that he was willing to review the 1992 conviction of Ahmad Chalabi, sentenced in absentia by a Jordanian court to 22 years of hard labor for embezzling funds from Petra Bank, which Chalabi founded during a long residence in Jordan. The bank's 1989 c....... [more]

UPDATE ~ Chalabi named to deputy prime minister post in new Iraq cabinet
April 29, 2005
Following up on a story reported Thursday on JURIST, prominent Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi was named deputy prime minister and acting oil ministry chief in the Cabinet approved Wednesday by the interim national assembly in Iraq. At one point the US favorite to lead Iraq following Saddam Hussein....... [more]


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