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TRC Before the Bloodshed?
December 11, 2014
JURIST is seeking commentary on the methods through which a troubled society might reconcile differences prior to the outbreak of large-scale violence. Could the Truth and Reconciliation Commission model that was brought to bear in South Africa, Liberia, Argentina, Indonesia and many other countries....... [more]

Liberia justice minister resigns claiming president blocked investigation
October 8, 2014
Liberia's Justice Minister Christiana Tah on Monday resigned from her position, claiming the country's president had blocked an investigation. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf accepted the resignation after meeting with Tah at the Foreign Ministry office. Tah stepped down claiming that Sirle....... [more]

Liberia justice minister suspended by Supreme Court
January 13, 2014
The Liberian Supreme Court on Friday barred Justice Minister Christiana Tah from practicing law for six months, according to Liberia's state radio, after being found guilty of contempt. The ruling cited Tah's decision to grant "compassionate release" to journalist Rodney Sieh, who was jailed last ye....... [more]

Special Court of Sierra Leone closes its door after completing mandate
December 5, 2013
The Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) on Monday officially handed over its premises to the Sierra Leone government in its final act of its 11-year existence. The court was created in 2002 by the UN and Sierra Leone's government for the purpose of trying eight former Sierra Leonean militia leader....... [more]

Charles Taylor transferred to UK prison to serve 50-year sentence
October 15, 2013
Former Liberian president Charles Taylor was transferred on Tuesday from The Hague to a British prison, where he will serve his 50-year sentence for war crimes. Taylor has been convicted of aiding rebels who committed atrocities, including terrorism, rape and murder, during the civil war in Sierra L....... [more]

Charles Taylor to serve 50-year sentence in UK
October 10, 2013
Former Liberian president Charles Taylor will serve his 50-year sentence for war crimes in the UK, according to a written statement to Parliament from the UK Ministry of Justice on Thursday. Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice Jeremy Wright said that Taylor will be transferred to the....... [more]

Charles Taylor's 50-year sentence upheld on appeal
September 26, 2013
The UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) on Thursday rejected an appeal by former Liberian president Charles Taylor of his convictions for war crimes committed during the decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone. According to press release from the court, Taylor's lawyers appealed his convi....... [more]

HRW: Liberia police corruption poses serious threat to justice
August 22, 2013
Widespread police corruption in Liberia is denying Liberians equal and impartial justice and impeding the country's postwar development, Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported Thursday. HRW based its report on conversations with more than 120 victims of police corruption and examination of multiple crimi....... [more]

Charles Taylor was sentenced to 50 years for war crimes
May 30, 2013
On May 30, 2012, former Liberian president Charles Taylor was sentenced to 50 years in prison for war crimes committed during the civil war in Sierra Leone. The Special Court of Sierra Leone (SPSL) issued the sentence after Taylor was found guilty of planning as well as aiding and abetting crimes co....... [more]

President Lincoln abolished slavery in District of Columbia
April 16, 2013
On April 16, 1862, US President Abraham Lincoln signed "An Act for the Release of certain Persons held to Service or Labor in the District of Columbia" into law. The act abolished slavery in the District of Columbia and created a three-commissioner panel to review petitions for compensation from Uni....... [more]

Charles Taylor defense investigator sentenced for contempt
February 16, 2013
Prince Taylor, an investigator for the Charles Taylor defense team in the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) was sentenced Thursday to two years on each of four counts of interfering with witnesses who had testified in the Charles Taylor trial, and 30 months for interfering with Eric Senessie, wh....... [more]


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