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Kuwait top court upholds 10-year sentence for Twitter user
July 23, 2014
Kuwait's Supreme Court on Monday upheld a 10-year jail sentence for a man accused of posting Tweets that insulted the Prophet Mohammed and the Sunni Muslim rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Hamad al-Naqi, a 24-year-old member of Kuwait's Shiite minority, was also found guilty of spreading false ne....... [more]

Top Kuwait court jails activist over Twitter posts
June 15, 2014
Kuwait's Supreme Court on Sunday upheld the two-year jail sentence of an opposition online activist for writing tweets found to be offensive to the country's Emir. After the ruling, activist Hejab Al Hajeri said on his Twitter account that his "determination is bigger than their jail." Al Hajeri, a....... [more]

Egypt court acquits Muslim Brotherhood leader of insulting judiciary
May 14, 2014
An Egyptian court on Wednesday ruled that a former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood was not guilty of insulting the judiciary in comments he made to the press. Egypt's government charged Muslim Brotherhood leader Mahdi Akef with insulting the judiciary after he accused the judicial branch of corrupt....... [more]

Guantanamo detainee demands release following Afghanistan pull out
February 5, 2014
Kuwaiti Guantanamo Bay detainee Fawzi Odah filed suit on Monday in the US District Court for the District of Columbia alleging that he should be freed from prison upon US withdrawal from Afghanistan, citing international law's mandate that prisoners of war be released once a conflict has ended. Odah....... [more]

Kuwait court acquits 70 opposition members
December 9, 2013
A Kuwaiti court on Monday acquitted 70 opposition members of charges related to the 2011 storming of the parliament. At least nine of the acquitted were former members of parliament. The 2011 demonstrations over allegations of high-level corruption prompted Kuwaiti authorities to tighten security me....... [more]

Kuwait, UAE citizens receive prison terms for Twitter posts
November 19, 2013
Two citizens from Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) received prison terms on Monday for their Twitter posts, which were deemed to be insulting to Islam or in opposition to state security. Musaab Shamsah, a Kuwait citizen, was sentenced to five years in prison for insulting the Prophet Muhamm....... [more]

Kuwait court upholds 10-year prison sentence for Twitter commentator
October 28, 2013
An appeals court in Kuwait on Monday affirmed a 10-year prison sentence against Hamad al-Naqi, a commentator on Twitter for posts deemed offensive to Islam, according to rights activist Nawaf al-Handel. Al-Naqi was originally sentenced to 10 years in prison in June 2012 for posting insulting and def....... [more]

Kuwait appeals court acquits politicians of insulting leader
July 23, 2013
An appeals court in Kuwait on Monday overturned the criminal convictions of three former members of parliament for criticizing the Emir, the nation's leader. The Kuwait Society for Human Rights helped break the story internationally via Twitter, when its director posted a short statement regarding t....... [more]

Kuwait dissolves parliament, calls for new elections
June 16, 2013
Kuwait's Constitutional Court on Sunday dissolved the nation's 50-member parliament due to flaws in election procedures. In doing so, the court invalidated the results of the December election, deeming them unconstitutional. The court also upheld a controversial electoral law imposing a "one person....... [more]

Kuwait woman sentenced to 11 years for criticizing regime over Twitter
June 11, 2013
A criminal court in Kuwait on Monday sentenced a woman to 11 years in prison for remarks she made on Twitter. Huda Al-Ajmi was found guilty of three violations, including insulting the nation's ruler, Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, calling to overthrow the government and misusing her mobile....... [more]

Kuwait opposition leader accused of criticizing regime released on bail
April 22, 2013
Kuwait's court of appeals on Monday released opposition leader and former MP Mussallam Al Barrak on bail. The trial has been adjourned until May 13. Barrak was sentenced last week to five years in prison for criticizing Kuwaiti Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, which is a crime under Kuwait's co....... [more]


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